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KNH Photomoments is committed to deliver happiness to our guests and also create new opportunities for those who are looking to generate a new source of revenue.

If you have a stylish photographic location that offers an attraction site, a theme park, a water park or a resort, we can bring out the most from your place by providing a complete service to capture your customers’ memorable experiences and we will help transform and expand it into an additional income generator of your business.

When guests come to stay and experience your offers or activities, we elevate their experiences with our photography and imaging services to make these moments more memorable.

Our team of professional consultants and advisers will evaluate and define the major photographic magnet point at your property.



  • We carefully assess and do a research of the business venue.
  • The finalize best business plan that suit your business model, will be submitted to you for review and approval.
    Once the client is satisfied and agreed on the business plan proposed, we develop a scope of work, coverage, and specific procedures and set-up that could contribute to growing your revenue

Workflow/ Retail Design

  • All retail designs are professionally done by our creative team.
  • This team will create multiple drawings, concepts and ideas to guarantee that it matches the venue’s requirements based on the photographic set-up we provided.
    We offer the complete service of choosing the motif of the area; to choosing the paint colors that best suit the business concept, up to proper positioning of all the photography equipment and assets, that are needed for that complete imaging solution service.
    We also plan, develop and asses the workflow to keep and maintain correct standard operation procedure.
    The retail design is ultimately adapted as per the outlined workflow of the operation.

Media Merchandise

  • KNH PhotoMoments comprise of a professional design team that conceptualize and recommend customized merchandise items that best compliments the company’s business model.
  • It is our responsibility to strategically create these items to suit the guests’ liking and taste.
    We ensure acceptability and salability, providing an extra income to the company.
    The guests’ photographs are printed on or fit into these creative merchandise, for the guests to take back home. These items, serve as souvenirs or keepsakes for your customers.

Optimum Space Utilization

  • We are experts in creatively utilizing and optimizing the space.
  • Our proposed imaging solution business plan is designed and created as per the venues’ space provided.
    We guaranteed that any area of space or place that is currently available at the premises is utilized properly by our intelligent consultants’ team members.


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